dimanche 31 octobre 2010

[TECH]:Codeigniter - OO php


Having been invovled in the development of web applications for the past three years. I have always dreamt of an object oreinted PHP. Little did I know that I was dreaming reality. Codeigniter (CI) had been born. The procedural nature of php has been virtually buried, with the invent of Codeigniter.

Codeigniter is a PHP framework which gives php an object oriented lift with a small foot print. For coders who need to develop state-of-the art and ellegant web applications, you are 50% done with the codeigniter framwork. Proper documentation and starter kits are avaliable even for coders who have never experienced object programming before. PHP has always been an essential tool in web development but its procedural nature bored many web developers away. Thanks to the invent of codeigniter; we're back.

Codeigniter has the ability to accept new plugins inorder to enhance the existing framework and this is one of the most interesting stuff with this framework since you can build your own plugin, customise and integrate into your application. This facility also gives a smile to those who adore javascript. You can do it all with codeigniter. I love you lol !!! :)

For more on this framework, Visit http://www.codeigniter.com and you can always your questions answered at the Forum.

I would say bravo! to the team behind this Framework and more grease to their palms!

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