lundi 5 novembre 2012

The Password Manager - PassMan

This might not be new but anyway, I had a problem and I created this application to solve my problem. I decided to put it up hoping it will help some other people. First and foremost it is free meaning you use at your own cost.

I have more than 25 accounts over the internet and each has a unique log-in and password. On my PC (mac & co. users already out of the equation :P) all the passwords are saved and I need not remember the user names and passwords. However when not on my pc and need to access a service online, I am required to log-in and most often I forget which log-in goes to which service. This is the problem I faced.

My solution to this was to have just one log-in detail which gives me access to all other log-in details - and hence PassMan. With PassMan you are able to securely save all your passwords in your mobile and retrieve them at anytime and on the fly. All you need is an internet connection on your mobile and a 'super' user that connects to PassMan.

When PassMan is first installed on your mobile, you are required to first create an account which is unique for each user. Two users can't have same account name and an account can't be duplicated even if you change your mobile phone. In case you loose your mobile phone or change your mobile phone, all you need to do is install PassMan on the new mobile and use same log-in details of the previous install.

This is the first version of this application and thus negative feedback is welcome. The servers responsible for the PassMan web service might be moved when the userbase becomes large. Users will however be informed if there will be any 'temporal no-service'. PassMan is currently avaliable ONLY for android users and versions of other platforms will be released only on demand. You can drop a short message at

Below is a simulation to give you an insight on how passman works. Start by clicking on "Create Phone Account". If you like it and you are on the android platform, get in touch for the apk file <>. Because it is free, I did not put it on the market.


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